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Collaborative Publication about the Bakken!

I have had, over the past few months, the privilege of getting to know some pretty fine scholars. Thanks to an Antipode Foundation Grant, we met up in the Bakken in June-July, 2015 to discuss the challenges and practices of 'grounding the Anthropocene.' We were involved in a collaborative writing exercise, and the fruits of this rich discussion are now available at:
"Grounding the Anthropocene: Sites, Subjects, Struggles in the Bakken Oil Fields," is a joint work by: 
Thomas Davis, Max Woodworth, Sabrina Perić, Mario Blaser, Jessica Lehman, Mat Coleman, Morgan Adamson, Anna Zalik, Bruce Braun, Myra Hird, Kendra Strauss, Susan Dewey, Mary Thomas, and Kathryn Yusoff