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EIS in Berlin

Thanks to the UCI Activities Grant, three members of our Energy In Society research group - Drs. Dolata, Yessenova and I - travelled to Berlin in mid-May to meet with collaborators at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG). We discussed our upcoming fall workshop, which will be held at the University of Calgary on the topic of Energy Transitions. We will update you with info on the workshop soon!

While in Berlin, Drs. Dolata and I also gave talks at the MPIWG workshop on "Political Epistemology." Dr. Dolata's talk was entitled "Between High Modernism and Economic Nationalism: The Politics of Arctic Science and Technology in Canada in the 1970s" and my talk was "Metals are the Marrow of this Land: Rethinking Politics and Epistemology in Bosnia and Herzegovina."

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We also had an opportunity to tour the MPIWG library, and meet some of the Research Fellows and learn about their fascinating projects.

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